DIY Airplant and Hydrangea Arrangement

DIY Airplant and Hydrangea Arrangement

An Easy + Unique Arrangement That Will Last For Days

I absolutely love the look and feel that air plants add to a home, especially given that they’re low-maintenance plants. Today I’m sharing a DIY video on how to assemble a unique air plant arrangement with the help of The Vine Garden Market.

These tropical plants thrive in a warm environment where they’re exposed to plenty of air and regular moisture. Since they don’t require any soil, they’re perfect for terrariums and can easily be combined with nearly anything, including gravel, shells, pebbles, or even wood. You may not know that the gorgeous Spanish Moss draped across the Oak trees that the Golden Isles are famous for are actually air plants since they grow off the trees and absorb moisture through the air. Air plants come in a broad variety of shapes, textures and colors, thus it’s easy to find a look that fits the decor of the room you’re working with.

Air plants are ideal for people that don’t exactly have a green thumb since they only need to be watered about once a week. They also grow best when placed near sunlight. Just make sure you make sure to follow the care instructions for the species you select. The longevity of air plants is another great asset that allows them to placed in long term arrangements. For my arrangement, I added hydrangeas to soften the look of the air plant. You can also substitute the flowers that you incorporate into the arrangement when you’re ready to freshen the look.

For more information about airplants, check out this Southern Living article.

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