DIY Scented Candles

Your Next Girls Night Activity with Oyster Bay Wines

Every year that I get older, it feels as though time is moving at a supersonic speed! I blink and a month has already passed! With time moving at a rapid pace (or so it seems) I’m on a journey to find a better work life balance.

In other words, I’ll be spending less time working late and more quality time with friends and family. Sound familiar? Even if you aren’t seeking a better work life balance, we can all agree that an evening with friends is one of the best ways to recharge & reconnect. As a result, I teamed up with Oyster Bay Wines to offer an alternative to the classic girls’ night. I’m sharing my recipe for scented candles that are easy to make at home. Head on over to the Oyster Bay Wines blog to learn more.

Photography by Kelli Boyd Photography

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