Cocktail Stirrers

DIY Cocktail Stirrers

An Easy DIY to Jazz Up Your Cocktails

Since the holidays are rapidly approaching, I’ve partnered with the Vine to share fun DIY ways to make your cocktails even more festive this holiday season! After choosing the cocktails that I want to serve, I focus on incorporating natural elements. I draw inspiration from my backyard, including flowers, rosemary, and even oyster shells! After selecting elements of style to add to the cocktails, I move on to the stirrers. (It’s a great idea to always have plastic stirrers on hand. I prefer stirrers that match the size of the glass I’m using, so when I find the appropriate stirrer, I order them in bulk!)

Decorating a stirrer is relatively easy if you have the right tools. You can decorate your stirrer using wires to wrap decorative elements around them. I typically use smaller elements that are commonly used in cocktails, in addition to a styled element that adds another layer to the cocktail. Living on the coast, oysters always make a great statement, but the possibilities are truly endless. This is a fun and creative way to spruce up your holiday cocktails. What are you favorite holiday drinks?


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