Birch Lane Light Fixture

A Rustic Candelabra Style Light Fixture

Find the Right Light Fixture for Your Room with Birch Lane

When I’m designing a space, one of the areas I mostly focus on is lighting. It’s an important piece of the design — and often overlooked. So as we were renovating our home I spent a good bit of time searching online for the perfect light fixtures that would make a statement. Birch Lane is on my go-to list when I’m shopping online and they had just the right light fixture for my husband’s study. Particularly, I wanted to create a dark and cozy room to be used as his retreat. If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that I LOVE the color white. However our goal was to create a room that was different than the rest of our home. We opted for dark grey walls with lots of trim and even painted the ceiling beams the same color as the walls for a very intimate feeling. I knew that I had to find the perfect light fixture to round out the room and help set the tone. Follow the tips below when trying to find the right light for you home.

Enhance Your Space. When selecting the light for Casey’s study, I had to keep in mind the purpose of the room. The study was primarily going to be HIS room (where he enjoys a glass of bourbon and watches TV) so the color palette was a bit darker than the rest of the house. I wanted to find a fixture that used both dark colors and rich woods to compliment the look. This quatrefoil chandelier had the right blend of wood and wrought iron for a masculine (but stylish) look.

Think Scale. It’s important to choose ‘the right size’ fixture when going through your lighting options. When a light fixture is larger in size your eyes are automatically drawn to it. Since the light hangs a bit low in the study I placed an ottoman under it to ensure no traffic underneath it. It has become the statement piece in his room and has really brought a lot of design detail to a small space.

Set the Mood. Sometimes the best statements are subtle ones. You’re fixture should set the tone for the room. We opted for a candelabra style fixture with a hint of rustic charm. We also install dimmer switches on most of our lights so the mood is always right.

Please share any tips that you find helpful when choosing the light fixtures for your space!


Birch Lane Light Fixture

Birch Lane Light Fixture

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