Floral Flair DIY
Floral Flair DIY
Floral Flair DIY

Floral Flair DIY

Spruce up Your Home Bar for the Holidays

Last week, I teamed with with Southern Living, The Vine Garden Market and Kelli Boyd Photography to bring you a DIY tutorial that adds floral flair to your stemware. This week, I’m sharing how to apply that same concept to your champagne bottles — Part II. If you want to make a statement this holiday season, then try this easy DIY for your home bar.

Step One. Gather all materials. Collect all of the floral, greenery and ribbon accents that you wish to include in your floral arrangements. You can forage the materials from your backyard or buy them from your local florist or grocery store.  For our arrangements, we used the following:

  • Slate gray silk ribbon
  • Greenery (boxwood, evergreen)
  • Juniper + holly berries
  • Garden roses
  • Floral wire
  • Scissors

Step Two. Assemble the arrangement. For the top portion, gather your greenery then do the same for the bottom portion. In essence, you’re creating two arrangements on opposite ends. Continue adding other accents, saving the flowers for the last step.

Step Three. Secure the arrangement. Cut a piece of floral wire, about 4 inches long, and wrap around the center of the arrangement to secure it. Cut any excess wire.

Step Four. Trim the floral accents. At the center of the arragnement, you’ll want to trim the bottom of your floral accents and flowers for a polished look.

Step Five. Add the ribbon. Cut a piece of ribbon and wrap it around the center arrangement. Tie a bow around the neck of the champagne bottle for a festive look. Fabric ribbons are less likely to fray when cut at an angle. Fold the ribbon in half lengthwise. Then cut across the ribbon at approximately a 45 degree angle, starting at the outer edges and cutting upwards toward the folded side.

Stylist + Concept: Monica Lavin, Lavin Label
Floral + Event Design: Kelly Revels, The Vine Garden Market
Photography: Kelli Boyd Photography for Lavin Label

This post was originally published on Southern Living.

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    Gorgeous! And what a great hostess gift!

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