Juler's Row

Juler’s Row

Jewelry and Gemstone Wall Art

I’m in the process of updating my guest bedrooms and my home office — so I’m on the lookout for eye catching wall art. I learned about a gal, Julie Bishop from Juler’s Row, who designs renderings of jewelry and gemstones and then her mom, an artist and designer, meticulously paints them! It’s really a great story — what could be better than a mother/daughter business?! Sounds like that family is totally creative.

The idea of Juler’s Row (such a clever name) actually started when Julie was looking for antique inspired jewelry renderings to hang in her office. She couldn’t find anything online so she decided to create original designs and work with her mom to bring them to life.

I really like the antique bug and butterfly brooches along with the watercolor necklace. The soft golds and pinks went well with the color palette in my guest bedroom, which is pictured below. They would also look great in an office, above a vanity or in a little girl’s bedroom.

You can check out all of her watercolor collections at www.etsy.com/shop/JulersRow. She also has a great blog that you can read at http://julersrow.blogspot.com. Happy perusing.



Photography: Kelli Boyd Photography
Watercolor Prints: Juler’s Row

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  • Reply Leigha October 18, 2015 at 11:03 pm

    Absolutely love ALL of those prints. And all your photos of them are stunning!


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