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One Tray Styled Three Ways

An Artistic Tray from Marquin Designs

I have an obsession with trays. They can really enhance anything — coffee tables, bars, nightstands, bathroom counters, and the nlist goes on. However, it can be hard to find a tray that is the perfect size for your space. I’ve been using a acrylic tray that blends art with functionality from Marquin Designs. It’s so versatile that I thought that I would offer you three ways that you can use this tray in your home.

1. Entertaining. The Pink Vanity Tray is the perfect size for a bottle of Protea Chenin Blanc, wine glasses + some nuts from Festive Occasions! Silver or mirrored trays tend to be more elegant — the acrylic makes it casual which is perfect for everyday use.

2. Finishing Touches for Guests. We live about 1 mile from the beach so it’s safe to say that we get a good bit of visitors! I really enjoy getting ready for our guests and I’m always thinking of new ways to add special touches! Set this tray on your bedside table to hold a bud vase of fresh flowers from the yard and some lime-infused water. You can also lay it on the bed with some magazines next to it. It’s a great gesture that gives your guests a warm welcome.

3. Organizing. When I walk into the house, I always throw my keys, phone + sunnies on the kitchen island, dining room table or entry table. It looks messy and I always have to look in three different places to find them. So you can use it as ‘catch-all’ tray! Just throw your sunglasses, keys, mints, lipgloss, change — whatever you have — in this tray when you walk in the door. It’s that easy (and stylish)!

You can find more home accessories and paintings from the talented artist and designer Marquin at or on Instagram at Thank you to Marquin Designs for sponsoring this post.

Photography: Kelli Boyd Photography
Pink Vanity Tray: Marquin Designs

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