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Oliver Bentleys
Oliver Bentleys

Tail-wagging Good Dog Biscuits

Savannah Based Oliver Bentleys

About five years or so ago, I learned about a Savannah-based company called Oliver Bentleys that made all natural treats for our furry friends. I’ve been a big fan of Oliver Bentleys ever since so I thought that I’d share with you my two favorite products!

Ollie B. Biscuits.  These hand-stamped and oven-baked dog biscuits are made in small batches in Savannah using only human grade ingredients. The infused ginger promotes healthy digestion and fresh breath and they exclusively source honey from Savannah Bee Company. (Honey is like a multi-vitamin for your dog).

Yes, you [humans] can actually eat these treats. They’re 100% gluten free with no wheat, corn, or soy. They have no added salt or sugar and no additives, preservatives or fillers. Ollie B. Biscuits are high in protein and the original recipe is completely meat and meat by-product free. It’s perfect for dogs with sensitive digestive systems, too. I love buying these treats for my dogs because I know that I am giving them nothing but the best and they don’t break the bank. You can get a half pound bag for $9. Snap open the biscuit in front of their nose before you feed it to them so that they can smell all of the flavors.

Botanical Bath Bar. Oliver Bentleys also makes a botanical bath bar. They are alcohol free and are all natural. This is seriously the best dog soap. It has a great scent because it uses pure essential oils (no chemicals) and it lathers so easily. Not only does it smell good and promote a silky coat but it also naturally deters bugs. After using their bath bar, I’ve never tried anything else. If you try it, let me know what you think.


Photography: Kelli Boyd Photography
Dog Biscuits + Bath Soap: Oliver Bentleys

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