Derby Day Fashion
Derby Day Fashion
Derby Day Fashion

Derby Day Fashion

Style Tips for Derby Day

The 141st running of the Kentucky Derby will be steeped in tradition, from the sipping of the classic Mint Juleps to the over-the-top hats that are a must in women’s fashion.

Here are some Derby fashion + style tips:

  • Choose a hat that you feel comfortable in. Keep in mind, a hat is only comfortable if it does not need continual adjustments. To keep the hat in place, use hat pins or sizers (padded bands that fit inside the rim) for a better fit.
  • Your hat should sit 1-2 inches above your ears.
  • If you’re going to be in the sun for most of the race, I’d recommend a wide brim hat to provide some shade for your face. You don’t want to be squinting when the horses are coming around the corner!
  • Gentleman must remove their hats during the National Anthem; however, women are permitted to keep their headpieces or hats on. Just be mindful of the size of your hat. If it’s blocking the views of the others behind you, try to sit down or remove the hat. Don’t forget your southern manners!
  • If you’re going with an extravagant hat, then keep it simple with the dress and the accessories and vice versa.
  • Most women will be wearing sundresses or more formal day suits. Bring on the bright colors! If you choose to wear a darker outfit then find a hat that has a pop of color!


Location: The Stables at Frederica
Dress: Missy Maude
Floral Garland for the Horse: The Vine Garden Market
Wooden Horse Straws: Hope Farm and Hunny B
Accessories: Sea Island Retail Shop
Hat: Eric Javits
Hair and Makeup: Sea Island Salon
Photography: Elle Smith Photography


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      Thanks so much, Judi!

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    This is wonderful! The pictures are stunning! You have a very informative blog with great style! I’ve enjoyed scrolling through and will be back!

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      Thank you Courtney! I appreciate the kind words! I do hope that you’ll keep up with us. Have a great week!

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