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Five Things to Know When You Work with an Upholsterer

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As you know, I recently gave my sunroom a bright and colorful refresh! I’m absolutely happy with how it turned out from the window panels to the pillows! To give the room a custom look, I turned to Overall Upholstery located in St. Simon’s Island, GA. I actually met the owner, Brooke Thompson, a few years ago when I needed to recover a couch and kitchen stools. Her team’s work was incredible so I knew that I had finally found my go-to upholsterer for all of my home projects.

Since I post a lot of home related images on my social feeds, I get a good deal of questions asking who I use for my upholstery needs and where I find fabrics since I don’t have trade accounts. So today, I’m answering your top five questions.

Where do you find fabrics?

I really love to find textiles and fabrics on Instagram. I follow a handful of textile + designer accounts that release a new collection each season. Here are a few of my favorites to stalk, I mean follow:

In addition, most of the fabrics in my home I found at Overall Upholstery. They have a whole room dedicated to fabrics, trimmings and more. I usually spend about an hour or so there and then take a few samples home to test them in my light. The fabric on my kitchen stools and all of the pillows in my master bedroom are from samples that caught my eye at Overall.

How do you know how much fabric to order?

Leave this step for the professionals. I take a picture of the piece of furniture or provide the dimensions of a pillow and send it to Overall Upholstery. They review it and tell me the number of yards that I need to order based on the project. They’re usually right on point too because I barely have any left over fabric which of course saves me money.

How do you measure curtains, choose a style, and order hardware?

I love Pinterest for this sole reason! I will pin images of rooms where I love the style and length of the window treatments. Then, I bring in these images when I meet with Overall Upholstery. They have partnerships with hardware companies, so they can order the correct size and finish for you. Before they place an order, they walk the space with you to check measurements.  They do everything for you — measure, sew the panels, steam the fabric and install them. There are so many things to think about when ordering custom curtains, such as style, type of lining, etc. so having someone walk through the space was a huge help!

Is it expensive to have pillows custom made?

This question depends on how much your fabric is per yard. Fabrics can range from $2 to $200+ per yard. The actual cost of the work is reasonable, a 20 by 20 inch pillow with a zipper and self-welt is usually starts at $45. You need roughly 1 yard of fabric for two pillows. Of course, if you add embellishments such as fringe or increase the pillow size the pricing will change. I love the look of custom pillows in a space and I always try to reuse pillow inserts to save money. Lastly, I choose fabrics that are durable since I have two dogs. (Note: the pricing listed above is an estimate. Pricing will vary)

Can I bring in my own fabrics?

Yes, of course! Even though they have fabrics to choose from you can always bring in your own. They also work with other vendors, such as Lacefield Designs. I just had the fabric shipped to Overall Upholstery directly and then they took care of it from there.

I hope that this was helpful for you! Please let me know if you have any questions below! You can also reach out to Brooke at Overall Upholstery for advice. Stop by their studio at 74 Boardwalk Plaza or call them at 912-268-2586.

Overall Upholstery

sunroom refresh

Overall Upholstery

sunroom refresh

Photos 1,3 by Tamara Gibson Photography
Photos 2,4 by Kelli Boyd Photography

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