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Full Moon Lighting
Full Moon Lighting

Create Curb Appeal With Landscape Lighting

Tips To Light Your Yard Like A Pro

As you already know, I believe gardening is a powerful way to add an inviting touch to a home. I’m always looking to add curb appeal, which is why Casey and I opted for landscape lighting. We love driving by houses at night and looking at the one-hundred year old oak trees all lit up. We turned to Full Moon Lighting, one of the very best lighting companies, to really guide us on this project. I’m completely impressed with the results and have been eager to share them with you! I tried to find tips on landscape lighting or even how to get started and I couldn’t — so I’m excited to provide some information from lighting experts that isn’t readily available online. Here are four expert tips to add night time curb appeal to your home.

Enhance the natural beauty and shape of your home. The coastal environment is perfect for outdoor lighting. Not only is it functional, but it also enhances the natural beauty of your surroundings and draws attention to shapes and scenery not seen in the daylight. You don’t need to install a grand fountain or plant additional flower beds for landscape lighting to make a big impact — instead, highlight your existing space.

Add up-lighting to highlight trees. To add ambiance or highlight the natural beauty of your outdoor space, consider adding up-lights to your trees. Up-lights mimic the light of a full moon while illuminating the tree canopy. Full Moon Lighting’s skilled technicians and specialized equipment allows them to climb as high as 90-100 feet to install the lights without compromising your trees. I have personally watched them install lights at my home, and they are incredible at what they do!

Light walkways and flower beds. Path lights not only illuminate walkways and flower beds, but also add ambient lighting. This also creates an impact on your guests as it both lights the entryway and makes it easier for them to see when they leave.

Add lighting for special events. In addition to installing permanent lights, consider calling in lighting professionals for your next big event! They can install market lights or chandeliers to make your next outdoor event a huge hit. 

It’s always important to take into consideration the area where you live when selecting lighting fixtures. For those living on the coast, Full Moon Lighting recommends copper fixtures to prevent weathering and erosion. Also, think about symmetry when you are mapping out your lighting design, such as ground lights and spotlights.

Our new landscape lighting made such a large an impact on our yard by illuminating the space with a softness and beauty that I adore. If you are looking to give your your yard a finished look, I recommend hiring the pros to install lighting in your yard. For us, it has given our home the most magical look! I hope these pictures inspire you to light up your space!

Full Moon Lighting

Full Moon Lighting

Kelli Boyd Photography for Lavin Label

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