Oliver & Pluff Cold Brew Tea
Oliver & Pluff Cold Brew Tea
Oliver & Pluff Cold Brew Tea

Blackberry Cold Brew Tea

My New Obsession with Charleston Based Oliver Pluff & Co.

Growing up in West Virginia, let’s just say that Pepsi was a big part of my diet. As I grow more health conscious I understand the negative impacts of too many sugary drinks. As a result, I’m always searching for refreshing and all-natural alternatives. Now that we live in the south I’ve really come to love tea. I mean, is there really anyone in the south who doesn’t like tea? Recently, I’ve heard about the Charleston-based company, Oliver Pluff & Co. who specializes in cold brew tea. I’m hooked.

About twice a week I make their gourmet Cold Brew Blackberry Tea — it’s super easy. You just fill a half-gallon pitcher of cold, filtered water. Next fill the filter with 4 tablespoons of tea. Then add the filter to the pitcher. I usually steep the tea overnight in the refrigerator. The next morning remove the filter and pour the tea over ice. I always add a lemon wedge to give it that extra flavor. They also have a variety of flavors like Jasmine, Key Lime, Mango and more.

Besides just being a delicious refreshment, I love using tea for entertaining. I recently created a Tea Bar Cart for Draper James. Offering a variety of tea blends and adding lemons, mint, and even some flavored vodkas are sure to keep your guests happy.

Here’s to toasting the upcoming warmer months!


Oliver & Pluff Cold Brew Tea

Oliver & Pluff Cold Brew Tea

Oliver & Pluff Cold Brew Tea

Kelli Boyd Photography exclusively for Lavin Label


  • Reply Ashley @ Far Beyond Love March 17, 2017 at 9:51 am

    I love the sound of this! I’m a big fan of blackberries and lately I’ve been embracing tea over coffee (which I blame on working with far too many tea fanatics). I’ve never heard of Oliver Pluff & Co but I’m down to give them a try. When you say you steep the tea “overnight”, how long do you mean? 8 hours? 12 hours? I’ve over-steeped tea before and it was not a pleasant experience. 🙁

    Fun Fact: I’m from West Virginia too so I totally get the Pepsi thing although I swore it off years and years ago. We now live in Atl, GA. 🙂

  • Reply Kate March 17, 2017 at 12:09 pm

    That looks heavenly!!!

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