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Diamonds Do Good
Diamonds Do Good

Diamonds Do Good

Consider The Social Impact When Buying Diamonds

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching jewelry is on the minds of many, including me. Marilyn had it right when she said diamonds are a girl’s best friend. And the more informed I become, the more I have come to realize that diamonds are in fact much more than that.

Did you know that the revenues from diamonds help fund schools, healthcare, and infrastructure needed in countries where diamonds are a natural resource? While gathering information for this story, I learned of an amazing way jewelers such as the online destination Brilliant Earth have decided to make a positive social impact. It turns out that in many of these mining communities it is very hard for the miners to provide traditional education for their children. Some of the factors as to why this is challenging is because the schools are located far away from the mining areas and safe transportation options aren’t available. Brilliant Earth jumped at the chance to help make education more accessible and they became a supporter of the Diamond Development Initiative’s Mobile School Program. The Diamond Development Initiative works to transform artisanal mining into a source of sustainable development. The Brilliant Mobile School provides twenty primary school students an opportunity to learn, play sports, have meals and be part of a school community.

Companies such as this are ones that I find inspirational and I love featuring what they are doing with the hopes that it inspires our readers to reach out and help other communities in need. There are a lot more stories like this one on the website

When I read and found out about these amazing + impactful stories I wanted to help inform as many people as possible. I know our readers have a high regard for sustainable practices and a great sense of community. I know many of you are in the market for a diamond or will be in the near future. I hope this encourages you to not only do your homework regarding cut and clarity, but also look into how diamonds make a difference for communities where they are found.

Your gift of a lifetime can also have a positive impact a world away.

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  • Reply Kate February 13, 2017 at 10:18 am

    Such a gorgeous necklace

    • Reply Monica February 13, 2017 at 10:32 am

      Thank you, Kate! We’ll be shopping from Brilliant Earth for all of our stone needs 🙂

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