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Six Unique Ways to Use Google Home

My sister and her fiancé gave Casey and I Google Home this Christmas. Since receiving it we’ve been using it all of the time and we absolutely love it! If you’re not familiar with Google Home it’s a voice activated speaker that is powered by Google Assistant. It is so simple to get started.  You plug it in, download an app and you are basically set to go. Every time people come to the house, they see it and ask what we use it for. Many of our friends have recently gotten one too and seem to be in search of useful tips. As a result, I’m sharing six effective and unique ways we use it in our home.

Prepare For The Day Ahead.

Ask google to give you an idea of what your day looks like. I find it so helpful in the morning to get a good idea of what my day looks like so I lean on Google Home to give me a jump start. While you’re making your morning coffee, simply ask it to go over your day. Since it syncs with your phone, it also integrates with your calendar and can read off your upcoming appointments and events.

Get an update with the weather forecast and news headlines. You can also ask it things you need to know such as weather conditions, finance and sports updates and latest news headlines. Be in the know before you go.

Start the day with a motivational quote. I also like to ask it for a motivational quote, such an inspiring way to start my morning. Ask it to search for and play back TED talks and more, helping to get you in the mindset for a successful and productive start.

Have A Virtual Kitchen Assistant.

Use Google Home as a Kitchen Timer. As many already know, you can use Google Home to help search for recipes. But, you can also use it as a kitchen timer. Even though your kitchen appliances have timers, trust me, when you’re in the middle of cooking dinner and are shaping meatballs you’ll be happy to set a voice activated timer instead.

Use it to convert measurements. It can also help with measurement conversions, making recipe adjustments so much easier. Just ask it and you’ll use the right amount each time.

Create a Shopping List. Lastly, it can help you create a shopping list. While you’re cooking and run out of something, simply tell it to Google Home and it’s added on your list. When you’re ready to go to the store, ask it to read the list back to you. Hopefully soon it will have the capability to email it to you!

We have really enjoyed having this in our home and hope this helps you to get the most out of yours too.

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