Callies Biscuits
Callies Biscuits
Callies Biscuits

Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit

Homemade Biscuits in Charleston

Mmmmm….Charleston – known for its cobblestone streets, historic landmarks, Stephen Colbert (!) and legendary hospitality.  But at the end of the day, Charleston is a food town and the buckle of the ever expanding Southern Food Belt.  It’s no wonder that when friends and family are planning to visit Charleston the first question that they ask me is for restaurant recommendations. Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit tops the Lavin Label breakfast hot spot list. Not only are the biscuits ridiculously delicious, but the story behind Callie’s Biscuits is pretty cool too!

The owner, Carrie Morey, persuaded her mother Callie to postpone her retirement and help start Callie’s Biscuits. Callie was a well sought after caterer and her customers loved the original ham biscuit. Her daughter recognized the potential of these hot little biscuits and decided to make her dream a reality. Since the launch in 2005, Callie’s Biscuits has been featured on NBC’s Today Show, Food Network, Martha Stewart, Oprah Magazine and more.

The breakfast spot is located on upper King Street is charming + quaint. I love the classic cheese and chive biscuits, but I’d also recommend the Blackberry, Cinnamon, and Country Ham biscuits. Definitely stop by 476 1/2 King Street the next time that you’re in Charleston!

CalliesBiscuits Callies Biscuits

Photography: Kelli Boyd Photography
Location: Callie’s Biscuits

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